Passion Borne in Ice and Snow

With each show, we like to create an art set.  This year, our first show after a tough year, was in the depths of winter.  And even with 2016 ending with a whimper, we're choosing to look for a little bright sparkle in the future. 2017 will be better (damn it).

These were fun to make though the Warren will now forever be a House of Glitter.  But that's part of it, right?  Glitter gets everywhere, rubs, off on you, and leaves little sparkly reminders of what ever it was you were doing with it last.  It is ephemeral - this glitter will not last - but oh the fun to be had...

Mrs White, in the Ballroom...

I know you've been wondering where she was because she is the only missing person from the list.  Well, I am very pleased to introduce you to Mrs. White.

She has been a long time coming, I admit, as there are many ways to produce a lighter hemp rope.  My desire for her was that she be as soft adn strong as her cohorts without sacrificing tensile strength.  And I beieve we have achieved that.


Their are numerous way to lighten cellulose fiber, many of them are detrimental to the fibre overall.  Scouring or reducing agents all attach the cel walls of your fibre which can slowly eat away on it.  Particularly strong reducing agents - like bleach - can settle into the strands and continue to eat away at the fibre until, one day you extract it from your rope bag, it just falls apart.  I bet you've seen this with old t-shirts.

This lovely lady, though, has comparable strength to our family of colors because of how we maintain our chemistry*.  She will restrain your bunnies with the best of them!

Click here for a closer look.




*Please note that all dying degrades rope strength and, as it is a natural fibre, all rope will break eventually. Be safe with your Bunny Rope.

New Limited Edition stock

Well looky here - new stuff!  We've created a bunch of new Limited Edition stock that we're rather pleased with. (Really, we're always pleased with this stuff) Click here to get them while they're still available.



And of course (of course!) we have a lovely set of tenugui to accompany.  Because what would new limited editions be of you couldn't get a matching blind fold or rope tote? We really enjoy making these. Click here to take a closer look.

Synthetic Hemp

Some times it is nice to embrace technology.  Stronger fibers, chemical baths, extrusion vats, thread spinners, and robot arms.

I love you cold, unfeeling robot arm...

Well, maybe not robot arms (it's just not Our Thing). But! Synthetic hemp. A single length of 6mm, 3-ply spun synthetic hemp has a linear break strength of over 1,000lbs which is about thrice the linear break strength of 6mm, 3-ply natural rope (6mm hemp breaks at about 300lbs). This stuff works fantastically for up lines in suspension rigging.

Happy rigging!

Tenugui - those that were

We got so busy getting ready for Madtown this past weekend, we've been remiss in posting photos of the delightful things we've been making.  I'd like to highlight some of the beautiful tenugui that Seikatsu has been producing.  

She's getting really good at these.

Those That Were

You can see detail shots in the Limited Edition store; we like keeping record of the pretty things. (Linking to the store means you get to see what's left! [I'm not above carefully pointing you to the shiny things])

The tenugui were really well received by the MTKF crowd and I am continually grateful they you all support me.  We heard much praise and thanks for what we do which keeps us pushing ourselves to create for you yet more beautiful things.

The Unimaginable Violence of Stars

Well I teased you and here it is.  (And, in fact, was the first sale of the weekend!)

Peering down into a vast cosmic maelstrom of gas and dust, it is easy to think space a most serene place. Stars form from the collision of clouds of matter moving at thousands of miles a second. These clouds, nebulae, are of vast size, hundreds of light years in diameter, and are themselves formed from the collapse of other stars. 

As stars fades, they implode and buckle and rend the very fabric of space. It sends spinning all the material surrounding it into clouds of luminous gas. And, as the energy ignites from the surrounding starmatter, the particles emit the intense colors we, safely sequestered by great distances, see glowing in telescopes.

So inspired, I hope this rope will bind your partners together and make them glow.*

The Unimaginable Violence of Stars consists of two (2) lengths measuring 8 meters long and two (2) lengths measuring 4 meters long. It is sold as a single set. 

*Please do not ignite Bunny Rope.

Art Shibari Teaser: Madtown Kinkfest - Winter 2016

Madtown Kinkfest is this weekend, people!  And, as we have been the last year, we're vending.

For each show we vend, we like to do a special art piece for it and for spiffy folks that attend. (We even give a discount just for the show dates). We just finished this show's piece and we're really pleased with it.


Allow me to tease you.

I say it every time but I think this is the best one yet.

New Site. New Products. (Less Filling)

Bunny Rope redesign and thoroughly updated products.

I’ve been working the last few weeks on a brand new site design. The previous one was functional but did not expand well. Every time I tried to add anew product, the design didn’t work out and the inventory management was tedious.

No more!

Bunny Rope reborn! I’ve reconfigured and reorganized and slashed and burned the inventory system to make it just so much easier to keep everything up to date. This means that I can actually upload new things easily! Revolutionary, no?

We have not been idle these last few months at the Warren. Aside from shows, we’ve been working hard on new colors, new products, and more consistent processing. So, I am pleased to share a litany of the new things available.

What’s new?


Colonel Mustard

First of all, we’ve found the Colonel. We prefer our colors vibrant, bright enough to see in the dungeon and boy did we find the right yellow after many, many experiments. We’re pleased with it and to say that it goes really well with many of our standard colors.

Mrs. Meadowbrook

The most popular color experiment over the last year were our blues. We sough to find a lovely blue between Mrs. Peacock and Sergeant Gray. Mrs. Meadowbrook is a medium, electric blue that reminds us of streams in the best, most secret places on the Midwest.


With the new inventory system comes Rope Kits! Buy more rope, save some scratch. Each kit offers up to 3 colors configured as you desire.


These are Alyska’s baby. When you’re suspending someone, it’s hard to keep their head an neck secure. She started using an infinity scarf tied to her rig. As her rope kit grew, she really wanted something similarly hand made and unique to accompany.

Much experimentation later, the Bunny Rope Tenugui were born. By their nature, each are unique. They work well as head support, blindfolds, or rope bundles (that’s what I do with mine!).


Not so much new, but we can actually upload our conservatory rope so you can get it online rather than only in person. So much better. Find it under the Limited Edition header with the tenugui!


We have also equalized prices on conservatory and standard colors. Al our rope is strong and carefully made so it just makes it easier for everyone.


If it was possible, we’d find away. The site is even simpler than the last one.

Art Shibari

And, lastly, a new art shibari kit! We made Crimson River. Art is our lifeblood and this is how we show it.


MadisonGRUE - July 17-19th - TICKETS AVAILABLE!

The GRUE is finally coming back to Madison!

Graydancer's Ropetastic Unconference Extravaganza, has gone on to 58 other incarnations around North America and Europe. Kinksters have gotten together and talked about a lot more than rope: poly, power exchange, sex, community, leadership, education, impact play, grappling, leatherwork, the list of GRUE classes is mind boggling.

It's a day filled with passion and filled with sessions created by the attendees so that they get exactly what they want out of the event. You can find out more about GRUEs at

Graydancer and his slave Naiia, with the help of Seikatsu (co-founder of Madison Hitchin' Bitches) and ABMann (owner of, and facilitator of Madison's Show Me the Ropes) are bringing the GRUE back to its roots in the Madison Community.

Tickets are available here for a limited time Get yours now, and look forward to having a GRUEvy time!

Head cage


Playing with some 4mm rope.


I'll have a handful for sale at Madtown Kinkfest with my character soft processing. Very nice for head and hair bondage. 

Lab night


Though not the primary reason I started, I emphasize colors that will photograph well. Even or especially in a black and white conversion.

Pictured is [Mr. boddy][] under a green filter. It makes a rich black against the skin.