Two things:

  1. Graydancer of Ropecast fame interviewed me/Bunny Rope the podcast. It should be up in two weeks!
  2. He asked me an interesting question during a segment where we were discussing my approach to dying as a mindful activity.

Paraphrasing (I shall get the full quote when the cast goes up):

But what about passion? Wouldn't your end product be better with a passionate approach?

It is a curious thing, passion. It is a powerful thing. Society leads us to believe that passion is what separates the normal person from greatness, that all we need to do to Be Successful is "find our passion". Consider that artist or lawyer who throw themselves into their work. The are respected and revered for their drive.

Passion is the most valid existence.

Mindfulness, on the other hand, is a cool guise. The impression of Mindful people is that they do not give themselves to passion. They are restrained, detached from themselves and the world. Mindfulness presents as a lack of emotion.

I do not think that is accurate. Where passion is an intense bonfire, mindfulness is a TIG welder; both are similarly powerful, mindfulness is directing the intensity.

Mindfulness and my Morning Protocol (Thank you Gray for that term) have taught me how to maintain focus while still feeling the same passion that got me into Shibari and rope dying in the first place. I used to dive deeply into anything that fascinated me, letting the heat of it consume all my free time as kindling, until I gained some self-defined mastery goal before moving on.

Now, rather than let the fire incinerate my mind's fields for a shorter period, I have sublimated that into new direction and projects for BunnyRope.com where before I would let the fire burn out.

I do not think one is the opposite of the other, mindfulness versus passion.

Mindfulness is a harness for passion.