Mrs White, in the Ballroom...

I know you've been wondering where she was because she is the only missing person from the list.  Well, I am very pleased to introduce you to Mrs. White.

She has been a long time coming, I admit, as there are many ways to produce a lighter hemp rope.  My desire for her was that she be as soft adn strong as her cohorts without sacrificing tensile strength.  And I beieve we have achieved that.


Their are numerous way to lighten cellulose fiber, many of them are detrimental to the fibre overall.  Scouring or reducing agents all attach the cel walls of your fibre which can slowly eat away on it.  Particularly strong reducing agents - like bleach - can settle into the strands and continue to eat away at the fibre until, one day you extract it from your rope bag, it just falls apart.  I bet you've seen this with old t-shirts.

This lovely lady, though, has comparable strength to our family of colors because of how we maintain our chemistry*.  She will restrain your bunnies with the best of them!

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*Please note that all dying degrades rope strength and, as it is a natural fibre, all rope will break eventually. Be safe with your Bunny Rope.