New Site. New Products. (Less Filling)

Bunny Rope redesign and thoroughly updated products.

I’ve been working the last few weeks on a brand new site design. The previous one was functional but did not expand well. Every time I tried to add anew product, the design didn’t work out and the inventory management was tedious.

No more!

Bunny Rope reborn! I’ve reconfigured and reorganized and slashed and burned the inventory system to make it just so much easier to keep everything up to date. This means that I can actually upload new things easily! Revolutionary, no?

We have not been idle these last few months at the Warren. Aside from shows, we’ve been working hard on new colors, new products, and more consistent processing. So, I am pleased to share a litany of the new things available.

What’s new?


Colonel Mustard

First of all, we’ve found the Colonel. We prefer our colors vibrant, bright enough to see in the dungeon and boy did we find the right yellow after many, many experiments. We’re pleased with it and to say that it goes really well with many of our standard colors.

Mrs. Meadowbrook

The most popular color experiment over the last year were our blues. We sough to find a lovely blue between Mrs. Peacock and Sergeant Gray. Mrs. Meadowbrook is a medium, electric blue that reminds us of streams in the best, most secret places on the Midwest.


With the new inventory system comes Rope Kits! Buy more rope, save some scratch. Each kit offers up to 3 colors configured as you desire.


These are Alyska’s baby. When you’re suspending someone, it’s hard to keep their head an neck secure. She started using an infinity scarf tied to her rig. As her rope kit grew, she really wanted something similarly hand made and unique to accompany.

Much experimentation later, the Bunny Rope Tenugui were born. By their nature, each are unique. They work well as head support, blindfolds, or rope bundles (that’s what I do with mine!).


Not so much new, but we can actually upload our conservatory rope so you can get it online rather than only in person. So much better. Find it under the Limited Edition header with the tenugui!


We have also equalized prices on conservatory and standard colors. Al our rope is strong and carefully made so it just makes it easier for everyone.


If it was possible, we’d find away. The site is even simpler than the last one.

Art Shibari

And, lastly, a new art shibari kit! We made Crimson River. Art is our lifeblood and this is how we show it.