The Unimaginable Violence of Stars

Well I teased you and here it is.  (And, in fact, was the first sale of the weekend!)

Peering down into a vast cosmic maelstrom of gas and dust, it is easy to think space a most serene place. Stars form from the collision of clouds of matter moving at thousands of miles a second. These clouds, nebulae, are of vast size, hundreds of light years in diameter, and are themselves formed from the collapse of other stars. 

As stars fades, they implode and buckle and rend the very fabric of space. It sends spinning all the material surrounding it into clouds of luminous gas. And, as the energy ignites from the surrounding starmatter, the particles emit the intense colors we, safely sequestered by great distances, see glowing in telescopes.

So inspired, I hope this rope will bind your partners together and make them glow.*

The Unimaginable Violence of Stars consists of two (2) lengths measuring 8 meters long and two (2) lengths measuring 4 meters long. It is sold as a single set. 

*Please do not ignite Bunny Rope.